LCM-Lotus Creation Movement


Progam for Engineering and Management

LCM is grounded on the archaic-shamanistic, classical-symbolic cognitive and on the popular-folk modern methods and is a.o. involved in: research and methodologic guidance; shamanistic and historical studies; mathematical, scientific, mythologic and logical research and guidance; art, pattern and style training; management and engineering of organizations; cultural and social management, marshalarts, dance, music philosophy and innovative management and development.

lotus by Ronald Chavers

Lotus Creation Movement

Prof.Dr. Ronald E. Chavers
Mayumi Chavers-Egawa, MA
3582 AH Utrecht
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Specialist in Formal versus Constitutional [Forming the wholsistic systematic of any methodological system analysis] parts of a specific methodological problem: both on a general and on a specific foundation. (empirical, intuitive or inovative as well as rational in the sense of understandable)

Methods Involved:
- Archiac aspects
- Egyptian origins
- Asian and Indian aspects
- European Western aspects and there Indogermanic origins
- Renaissance and early aspects of critical philosophy
- Ancient and modern aspects of Triadic methodology

My research background has supported my qualifivations and excpentise, many years of study, trainings, research, fieldwork travels and acedemic experiances have supported me in how in understanding how to guide people in their various ambitions, professions, studies, inovative wishes and cultural affiliations.

Goals of my work process

The Method and Methodology (the science and development of methods) involved is a life long discovery of my own and it invloves the 'history' and 'development of all things' including the history of natural order and other forms of order including rational, intuitive, linguistic, conceptual (etc.) The history and development of all the sciences, incluiding the social, human, mythological-spiritual, psychological, mental, technical, aesthetic-artistic, cultural, economic, creative-inovative, genetic-biological understanding of how these various things have and do develop the way that they interact with each other and develope.
And this is what I do in supporting various people, companies, managers, designers, etc. to develop there own images, hopes, research, workprocesses, plans and programs. I want to guide and support people and organizations in their realization process.

Prof. Dr. Ronald Eugene Chavers

Prof. Dr. Ronald Eugene Chavers

Organization and name of the Lotus Creation Movement

The origin of the name: the Lotus has its origin in the Egyptian Lotus, which spread to the East, to Persia, India, China and Japan. The Lotus for us symbolizes transformation and development.
Our organization (LCM) is grounded in the archaic-shamanistic, classical-symbolic cognitive and in the popular-folk modern methods and is involved in:
* teaching and guiding students
* management and engineering of organizations
* cultural and social management
* psychological and emotional guidance
* dramatic and dance guidance
* martial arts training
* research and methodological guidance
* art, pattern and style training
* shamanistic and historical studies
* mathematical, scientific, mythologic and logical research and guidance.

All of these subjects are interconnected with one's profession, life worlds, studies, emotional and psychological problems, cultural perspectives, patterns, habits and behaviourisms, organizational and institutional problems, beliefs and confusions, social and creative problems, and problems of freedom, success and failure.

Prof. Dr. Ronald Chavers

Professor of Cultural and Symbolic Studies, affiliated to the Intercultural Open University, member of the League of Higher Education (an official UNESCO NGO), was Chairman of DIES - Community for Development-History Doctor of Philosophy, Methodologist, Advisor, Consultant, Therapist. Specialist in shamanistic studies, - behaviourisms, Philosopher of Science, Logics, Semiotics, Mathematical Reason, Organization Science, Knowledge, Information, Structures, Forms, Development History and the various Arts, Dance, Drama, Art, Patterns Art, Design and Martial Arts

Prof.Dr. Ronald - Black Horse - Chavers is of African-American Indian ancestry and was introduced into shamanism by his great-grandmother and his grandmothers. He is a Doctor of Philosophy and a methodologist. He was founder and director of the institute DIES, Utrecht, director of the Foundation Lotus Creation Movement and associate professor in the discipline of  'Cultural and Symbolic Studies' affiliated to the Intercultural Open University, member of the League of International Universities, International Council of Higher Education, an official UNESCO non-governmental organization. He specializes in developing programs for managing organizational culture, intercultural engineering and problem solving and in guiding people to develop their own models in their disciplines and professions.

Mayumi Chavers-Egawa, MA

Teacher of Mathematics, Martial Arts Trainer, Director of the Japanese School of Amsterdam, Director of the Japanese Practice Centrum in Amstelveen. Research on Japanese behavioural and symbolic studies. Responsible for the Management and Public Relations of LCM.