The Rational Order of Natural Things

Understanding is therefore an active historical process and not a static one. Therefore this method understands itself as a new method of Development-History and not just a static general evolutionary process of conceptual, general or theoretical understanding.
Therefore this rational-empirical-historical triadic method deals with the development and creation of Problem-Solving programs: especially the problem of socialization, criminality, psychiatric, therapeutic, model-building, engineering, medical problems etc. as well as the methodology of new research-programs. For this reason I do not feel like limiting myself with dogmatic, skeptical, dualistic or paradoxical, so called truth solutions, which lose themselves in lineal critical rationalistic endeavours. In this connection I am opening my work to various forms of inter-disciplinary procedures and research projects, which are linked with concrete solvable problems, and this all is also connected with the conceptual and theoretical-methodological tools necessary to tackle the problem under examination.